Tree Lamp

Tree lamp is a new style of lamp that has really grown in popularity over the last few decades. Their existance owes itself to the price of light bulbs coming down in price drastically as well as new light bulb technologies. Although lamps that are literally designed like a tree do exist, what a tree lamp typically refers to is a style of lamp that has multiple lamps along its central stand, designed to look like branches on a tree. There are even some designs that are specifically designed to look like trees, giving them an organic feel and creating a unique feel in any living space.

Whilst the original designer of the tree lamp is disputed, what is certain is that the lamp’s popularity has remained ever since it first hit the market. Typically found in the corner of a modern style home, the design and application of the tree lamp is extremely varied. Larger versions of the lamp can have many lamps along the stand, although some come with only a few nearer the top. You can also find smaller counter top versions of tree lamps which come with a much smaller stand, perhaps even as small as 30 centimeters in height.

The biggest advantage that tree style lamps have over others is that the light can be aimed at multiple areas of a room, meaning that if there’s something in your room that you particularly want to highlight, such as a painting or a special vase, then you can achieve that with just one lamp. Having multiple bulbs is also more energy efficient in the long run as many tree style lamps use a more energy efficient style bulb.