Adjustable Neck Lamp

An adjustable lamp is a lamp that typically has a slender body which is typically in an arc shape, and very often have flexible necks allowing for easy repositioning of the direction of the light. Many lamp styles have gone in and out of fashion over the years, but since its invention the adjustable neck lamp remains a common feature in many households. You can typically see one standing next to a reading chair so that the occupant can have a good amount of light to read with without having to have the main room lights on. This is great for saving electricity and ensuring that the house runs much more energy efficiently.

Typically modern adjustable neck lamps will use LED bulbs as these give off a light which is much “colder” in color than incandescent bulbs which many people prefer when they are reading books. Although it is possible to find the older styles which use older bulbs, as a lot of the older bulbs are ceasing to be manufactured it may be difficult to find replacements. Adjustable neck lamps are easy to find at any store which specializes in home lighting.