Buffet Lamps

The buffet lamp style is typically a tall and slender lamp with a height that tends to be greater than 30 inches. They can be very often referred to as a taller version of the standard table lamp, and the buffet lamps are designed to be featured on a buffet table so that they can direct their light downwards and onto the food. However, that is only the traditional usage of this style of lamp and in many modern homes they are used for style rather than for their original intended function.

One of the many reasons that people may choose a buffet lamp, is its slender shape, although this comes in many different styles, the buffet lamp can easily be placed in the corner of a room and still provide a reasonable amount of ambient light to the room, although it cannot by itself illuminate an entire room.

Buffet lamps very often have a retro vibe to them that many decorators and home designers love adding to living rooms and studies, alongside other pieces of furniture to create a style that is far from modern. Whether you’re a fan of this style of lamp or not, there’s no denying that they add a certain ambience and really can finish off the look of a room.

If you find yourself on the lookout for a buffet lamp of your own, then there’s plenty of websites that are selling them at reasonable prices, and you can also snag a lot of the lamps at any good second hand sales venue.

When thinking about where to place your newy aquired buffet lamp, you may be tempted to stick with the traditional intent for the lamp and place it on a dining table, and while this can of course give your table a great look, it may be worth seeing how the lamp looks on a corner table too. Of course there’s no need to only stick to having one buffet lamp in a room but it is recommended not to attempt to mix and match too many various styles in the same room, as this can create quite a jarring look and make the entire room look disorganized.

Buffet lamps may have gone in and out of style over the years but as new home owners and newer generations try their hand at designing, buffet lamps have started to make a come back as they can help add a homely and classic feel to any living room.

One of the most important part of the buffet lamp is the lamp shade, which helps diffuse the light. In the age where incandescent light bulbs are making their way out, it may be better to choose a lamp that works well with more modern style light bulbs.