Light Bars

A great new way to light up your home in the era of the smart home, light bars are as the name suggests a bar of light that have found their way in many homes where the owners are looking for either the latest technology to install or something that is unlikely to be found in other homes. Typically consisting of a number of led lights, light bars are available in many different shapes and sizes and have proven themselves popular amongst fans of modern home design.

While no designer can claim to have thought of the light bar, as it appeared to evolve from a number of existing available products, certain larger manufactures have taken the concept and run with it, creating light bars that are multi-colored as well as smart light bars that can be controlled via wifi or even over the internet by using mobile phone apps.

One of the first applications of light bars in the home was inside desktop computers, where computer modders installed strips of LED lights inside their computer cases so that the insides were illuminated. While that may not appeal to every computer owner, those who take pride in what’s inside their computers have shown to be big fans of the products, and nowadays many computer components even come with LEDs built it.

Light strips, which can be generally defined as having multiple lights attached together in a piece of plastic, have proven popular fixtures in kitchens that have overhanging cabinets. Lights are typically installed on the underside of the cabinets and are designed to illuminate the kitchen surfaces for cooking or preparing food, they have the advantage over ceiling lights in that the individual in the kitchen will not be casting a shadow over the work surface.

Light bars were designed similarly to light strips however they are designed to be placed along many different surfaces in the home, with some home owners and designers choosing to place them on the underside of tables, chairs and even in bathrooms. The smart light versions of light bars can also be controlled remotely, and some manufactures have even added the ability to control each light independantly, so two smart light bars in the same room can be set to different levels of light emission or even different colors.

New home builders are constantly looking for newer technologies to add to homes, so expect to see more light bars in homes in the following years.