Ivan Navarro

Although the world famous artist Ivan Navarro may not be a household name, his work is well known in art circles. Originally born in Chile, Ivan moved to New York in his twenties and has lived there since. Drawing on his early life experiences of living under the Chilean dictator, Pinochet, he channels his experience into his art, which also helps him deal with his own psychological anxiety.

Featuring works of art made from lights and mirrors, the creations are designed to create an illusion of portals as well as tunnels, giving the impression of being able to escape from the physical surroundings the viewer is currently in. Many have suggested that his early life experiences in Chile have driven his artistic direction.

Not one to shy away from making political statements through his art, one of Ivan’s most known pieced of art is a chair constructed of neon light tubes, and the piece is said to be a statement, or perhaps argument against, the use of the electric chair. Many of his other works of art are also designed as critiques of war, society, and the role that the government plays in both.