Yayoi Kusama

The artist Yayoi Kusama is able to draw huge crowds to his art exhibits wherever in the world he travels, visitors regularly queue in droves anywhere from Los Angeles all the way to Moscow just to see her works of art. Her immersive rooms are highly saught after viewing experiences and waiting times are always going to be long to see any of her work. Kusama began creating her exhibits back in the 1960s and she hasn’t stopped ever since.

One of the main features of Kusama’s work are the mirrored walls and the multiples of one type of object, this is all designed to give the viewer the ability to explore and think about both infinity and repition and the combination of the two at once. Kusama has long engaged with those ideas in order to display the visual hallucinations that have been a part of her life since her early childhood.

A unique approach to art, and not one that is easily replicable by other artists who don’t share her visual hallucinations, Kusama’s style is both unique and timeless. She has described the limitlessness of her own body and she feels it melding with the environment that she’s in and the desire to erase the self. The rooms that she has designed play on those sensations and in many of the rooms lights are used in order to intensify that effect, whether the lights are illuminating a plethora of sculptural pumpkins from within or creating a glittering universe filled with near thousands of multi-colored stars.

If you ever have to opportunity to visit a Kusama art show, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on that opportunity.