How Lighting Impacts Your Mood and Productivity

Everyone knows how important the lighting is in their home or workplace is, yet not enough attention is given to the many additional benefits that good lighting can offer. Nor do many realize that lighting can impact their mood including their energy level as well as their productivity.

Lighting For Enhancement

Aside from lighting meeting the requirements of allowing one to see where they are going or what is in front of them, it can be used as an enhancement particularly in the home and office. It can have a direct effect on the décor of the room. Many people like to decorate their walls with different types of wallpaper but they want it to look its best at any time of the day or night. This is where the right lighting can bring out the qualities of the paper no matter whether its day or night. When the décor of the room is showing at its best then it creates a positive mood in those who are enjoying this environment.

Lighting For Health

Different types of lighting can have an impact on the health in a variety of different ways which can be either positive or negative.

Poor Lighting

There have been several studies conducted to see how lighting can affect a person’s mood. What has been shown is that insufficient or poor lighting can make a depressed person feel worse. It can cause fatigue both at home and in the workplace. When this happens in the work setting it can slow down productivity.

Lighting and Appetite

There have been other studies which have shown that people tend to eat smaller and lighter meals in brightly lit environments.