Light Up Your Home

When it comes to lighting your home, you do not have to stick with the main ceiling lights already there; you can be a little more creative than that. In most cases, that main ceiling light will be too strong, and for many people sitting in their living room in the evening, it will just create a headache. While you can experiment with all kinds of light shades, bulbs or even have the light fitting changed, it might still be too much if all you want to do is watch a film; you definitely don’t need bright light to do that.

Lighting Options

Lamps are a great alternative to using the main light in a room. They can be placed precisely where you need them, and with so many sizes and shade types to choose from, you can make sure that you get just the right amount of light. Standard lamps are a good option as they can often light up a larger area than a small reading lamp. One that has a dimmer switch on it is ideal as you can then adjust the amount of light according to your needs. You might not need as much for watching TV as you would for sewing, for example.

It is just as essential to control the amount of light coming into the room from outside. One of the best ways to do this is to opt for blackout curtains, which will ensure the lamps in your room are not competing with streetlights, passing car headlights and other light pollution from outside. They are also handy to have during daylight hours when the brightness of the sun means that you can’t actually see the TV screen! Consider putting these in the bedroom too, particularly during the summer if the longer days make it more difficult for you to sleep.

One of the great things about lamps is that they can be moved around as they are needed. So if you want to rearrange the furniture in the room, you are not restricted by the light because you just put it where you want it to be. The same cannot be said for hardwired wall lights. Having both gives you the freedom to position your furniture wherever you want in the room. With blackout blinds and curtains it also means that you will have light only where you want it with no external light interference.

Lamps also give a room a very warm glow and help to create that cosy feeling that you’re looking for when you are planning the décor of a room. Even if you opt for minimalist furnishings and style, a lamp can help to prevent the overall look from being too cold.