Choosing The Best Kitchen Lighting

Every room in the home deserves attention when it comes to the best type of lighting for it. Some rooms are used more often where lighting becomes even more important. One of these that fall into this category is the kitchen.

Areas of Importance

To help determine which type of lighting to choose for the kitchen it first means knowing where the light is going to be most important. For efficient lighting in the kitchen, it should be layered according to the functionality of the kitchen. There are three main types of lighting to focus on such as:

  • Completing kitchen tasks: There are several different tasks that take place in the kitchen. There is the food preparation itself. Then the storing of kitchen items, and the cleanup. These all require a strong type of lighting that is going to fully illuminate these areas.
  • Atmosphere: The kitchen is often the hub of the home. This is where family and friends gather. It is important that the area has a warm and inviting atmosphere. This can be created with soft lighting. It can be created through recessed lighting or track lighting is another option.
  • Décor: With so much time being spent in the kitchen by those who prepare the food they want a pleasant working environment. This is where the lighting can fulfil the décor needs. Those choosing the lighting will find that they have plenty of choices when it comes to the style. The main purpose of this light is to enhance the décor so the strength of the lighting is not the priority.


Once the different types of lighting that are required for the kitchen are understood it helps the homeowner with their choices. This is important information to have when a new kitchen makeover is being planned for. Even if this is not the case additional lighting as needed can be added to the existing kitchen.